Tabouret Cabanon / Le Corbusier + Nesting Tables / Hoffmann, street barriers
wood, glue
installation ca. 150 x 150 cm

I collect wooden street barriers from construction sites and glue them to boards.
Out of these boards I make design classics like Le Corbusier‘s Tabouret Cabanon or Josef Hoffmann‘s Nesting Tables.
This poor material from the street, that one knows as signal-object which says Stop!, Forbidden!, Not here!, Go there!, ... is going to be transformed into a furniture piece for the private space and then seen as a design object with copyrights (Cassina, Wittmann, ...).
What happens if I - as an artist - collect this material from different cultural, economic and urban spaces and create another circuit or „migration“ of that (more or less) poor material with that gesture of modification?
What if these objects - the design classics - I‘m building, are merging into the context of fine art?
I‘m trying to reflect the value of that end-product and to question the legitimacy of an artistic subject creating that contextual object.

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