wood, screws

The red-white construction barriers are common images within the transport system of the city; they keep passerbys and vehicles away from road works. Out of a large number of such barriers, with distinct signs of outdoor usage, the artist has integrated a tiered object within the entrance space. It presents a strong intervention within the territory of the art center <rotor>, a space which is usually committed to making access to contemporary art as open as possible. In contradiction to this, Ovidiu Anton’s object introduces a significant obstacle that must be overcome, although, at the same time, revealing itself as a stand. This ambiguity results in the exclusion from the exhibition space whilst simultaneously providing an invitation to the consumption of art. However, isn’t the tiered seating directed more towards the external space?

Text: Anton Lederer, 2014

Photo: Cristiana Moroz
rotor 04 web

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Photo: Cristiana Moroz
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Photo: Cristiana Moroz
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Photo: Cristiana Moroz
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