(status in April 2015)
ballpen on paper
12 parts à 50 x 50 cm
ongoing work since 2013

I have a huge collection of anarchy-symbols, which I photograph on every place where I am traveling and living. It is a collection in progress.
Once I started to make reproductions of those photographed circle-A symbols. I see each single A on a facade as a temporary monument in the public space.
After I draw the outlines on a (50 x 50 cm) paper, I colour the space around the calligraphic sign with black ball-pens. The circle-A symbol remains white. By reproducing it like that and showing it in institutional white cubes, I create another value of that short-life-monument which I find on the street.
The pattern of my labour-time is very much visible on each of those paper surfaces. It is an ongoing work, which number of drawings changes the title (4 drawings = 1m2).

 anarchie 02 web
anarchie 03 web 

Photo: Aknay Csaba / OFF-Biennale Budapest Archive
OFF Biennale-019 OFF aknaycsaba web
Installation shot in Blind Spots at Supermarket Gallery, curated by Margarethe Makovec and Anton Lederer, Budapest, 2015