Series: Exhibition Leftovers Secession
wood, screws, à 43 x 27 x 43 cm
installation ca. 220 x 160 cm

This series of Le Corbusier‘s Tabouret Cabanon is made out of leftovers from exhibition-displays of the Vienna Secession.
Each face of the box was part of either a pedestal or a wall or whatsoever was part of an installation in that institution the last few years. It carries its own individual history.
I made 18 pieces to re-enact Cassina‘s famous product-shot of these taborets.
Cassina, the italian manufacturing company for designer furniture, has the rights of Le Corbusier‘s Tabouret Cabanon (LC14 01), which is a box with the measures of 43 x 27 x 43 cm. These measurements are the two seat heights of the Modulor.

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