Wood, metall, concrete, glass, plastic
public sculpture, h/w/d 190/80/80 cm

In the context of various debates related to radical transformation of the public space in Chisinau (an important piece of democratic infrastructure, essential for freedom of expression movement and other civic rights), one of the issues raised by the artistic community in Chisinau was the construction of Cantemir Boulevard. 

Designed in the 1970s by Soviet architects, the Boulevard, was only partially built. Remaining on the official Chisinau General Urban Plan two decades after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Moldova’s independence, it threatens with demolition many important architectural monuments, the network of old streets and with relocation of thousands of inhabitants, in case it will be built.

Taking this as a starting point Oberliht Association decided to design a network of public spaces to be developed along the imaginary axis of Cantemir Boulevard, proposing some changes in the urban plan. Between 2012-2015 a series of participatory art events were organized, involving Chisinau inhabitants, aiming to open new public spaces for culture and civic engagement in the areas where Cantemir Boulevard had been planned to be built (Zaiking Park, situated at the intersection of Sf. Andrei and Iv. Zaikin streets being one of them).

One of the few green spaces from the historical area, the park is situated at the edge of the old center, once known as one of the most dangerous districts. Characterized by abandonment and decay, it has threatened to disappear into the shadow of real estate interests. Once rehabilitated, the park could fulfill some vital needs of the city’s residents, including children and parents, youth and elderly people.

Oberliht Association invited Ovidiu Anton, an artist based in Vienna, to be part of this long term project and to develop an artistic work with participation of the local community. He decided to ask the locals to contribute with materials for a monument, which he plans to install in the park.

It will be a monument for nobody refering to all those individuals in that city that are trying to improve the quality of their life in urban environment (for ex. the people living around Zaikin Park), who are writing petitions aiming to change the situation in and around the park, but who are not recognized and whose voices are not really taken into account by the representatives of power.

Park Ovi web

Photo: Beatriz Calafell
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Monumentul Nimănui, Inauguration in Zaikin Park